• Vogelsburg aus der Vogelperspektive
  • Kloster Mariä Schütz
  • Mainschleife aus der Vogelperspektive
  • Außenansicht der Vogelsburg
  • Außenansicht Vogelsburg mit Mariä Schütz


Stop off. Reflect. Enjoy.

Stop off and have a rest: 28 modern rooms are waiting for you here in the beautiful Vogelsburg. Warm hospitality and the cosy atmosphere will give you a pleasant feeling from the very first second!

Reflect and engage in soul searching: you can leave the worries of everyday life behind when looking out over the vineyards, the little villages in the valley and the elegant Main River Loop.

Enjoy and be pampered: our varied Franconian cuisine and the fine wines from the Juliusspital Wine Estate will conjure up a pleasurable smile on your lips at every meal.

Welcome to the Vogelsburg on the Main River Loop!

Anna-Lena & Christoph Tacke with the Vogelsburg team!

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